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I wish there were words to describe how gay you are...
But there aren't enough, nor the right ones. Anyways...

I'm already added :D:D:D I thought I'd comment you anyways, best buddie :D

Remember the first time I left you one of these?

'Oh hai i fink ur reel kewl coz u lyk batmanz too! :D'
Well, it wasn't really like that. Still, I'm happy you added me, you totally need to re-comment my comment to be added page fool! <3

Love ya =]

+++Suzie =D

Haha shut up, I thought those pictures were great :(

z0mg no wai i lyk batmanz! hez da bomb
Heh, I remember your first comment on my add me post was like an essay, it was so awesome to get :D

Heh, glad I did too =)
I'll comment your friends only page soon =D

Haha yeah =] I liked it when we had long comments. I think most of my comments are really long still to you =]
We should keep working on em though; keep them going =]

Or there'll be trouble.
"Trouble it is!"- "For you" XD

+++Suzie =D

Found you on add_me_if comm. Adding because that god damn BEEES pic makes me LOL every time... and uh, also similar interests and stuff haha.

Hahaha, awesome, thanks for the add :) I've added you back

Saw you in add_me_if, thought we'd get along.
Add back?

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